Eco-Friendly Decontamination Baths

Updated: May 27, 2020

Iron removers, such as ecoclean iron, are specifically designed to go after iron fallouts and help to decontaminate the surfaces. Iron fallouts are iron particles from various sources, mostly brake dust that comes from your vehicle brakes. The microscopic edges of these iron particles are jagged and uneven. When oxidised, they create iron oxide particles which are even more abrasive! With such sharp edges, they are easily attached onto surfaces and can scratch if moved around. That includes washing, if you’re not careful. How the iron oxide particle looks like up close.These iron and iron oxide particles can easily get lodged in the microscopic hills and valleys of any surfaces (Remember they’re really, really, really tiny!). Without the proper removal of these deposits, permanent rust damages, scratches and even swirl marks can happen from improper cleaning. ecoclean iron has been formulated to specifically clean surfaces such as the vehicle paintwork and wheels (closest to brake dust) and remove the iron deposits without further scratching or marring the surfaces. Ecoclean Iron V2 With Better Formulation Since early 2018, IGL Coatings have released the latest formulation of ecoclean iron v2. Better and improved from the previous version, each bottle comes with the following features:  

  • thicker consistency

  • enhanced chelating agent

  • upgraded formulation

  • 70% – 80% odor reduction

The latest formulation is thicker in consistency. This allows waste reduction from dripping products due to gravity. The thicker ecoclean iron also clings onto the surface for a longer period to effectively remove the iron deposits and other metal contaminations from the surface. ecoclean iron also neutralises the corrosive chemical reactions of the deposits to reduce the rusting of the surface. Once in contact with the deposits, the chelating agent in the improved formulation reacts and turns purple to remove the contamination from the surfaces. Aside from that, as the formulation is upgraded, ecoclean iron will take longer to change into purple. This is caused by the switch to a better ingredient that is eco-friendly. While other products in the market may use acid based ingredients, it can cause corrosion if the product comes into contact with skin. With the eco-friendly ingredient, it is less corrosive and harmful to users. Less Foul Smell, More Cleaning Power! IGL Coatings also took into consideration user’s feedback on the strong smell of ecoclean iron, prompting our research & development team to produce a 70% – 80%  less foul smelling formula, but with increased efficiency. By using ecoclean iron, there is less need for abrasive or direct contact required to clean. The ecoclean iron v2 now comes with thicker consistency, enhanced chelating agent, upgraded formulation and reduced odor but it is still eco-friendly!

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